Analysing Server 2012 R2 RDP Traffic

As part of a monitoring exercise we needed to monitor RDP usage on an RDS farm to get an idea of typical bandwidth consumption and impact as users print etc.

Using perfmon.exe add the following counter

RemoteFX Network/Total Sent Rate(*)

Set the graph scale to something to monitor (here is 100 Kbps). For real-time stats the histogram view is best used here.

To find the association between session number and user, make use of the qwinsta.exe command line utility

Other useful Performance Counters are explained here




RDS 2012 – Using external wildcard certificate causes internal name mismatch

Fixed with the following script

This cmdlet allows you to change the published FQDN that clients use to connect to a Server 2012 or 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services deployment. Often this will correct certificate name mismatch errors when a private TLD such as .local is used internally.


RDS 2012 adding a certificate to a host

Although this was achievable in 2008 R2 GUI now needs to be done via command line

$path = (Get-WmiObject -class “Win32_TSGeneralSetting” -Namespace root\cimv2\terminalservices -Filter “TerminalName=’RDP-tcp'”).__path
Set-WmiInstance -Path $path -argument @{SSLCertificateSHA1Hash=”THUMBPRINT”}

RDS Web – Remote Desktop can’t find the computer

Have you tried to use the “Connect to a remote PC” page of RDWeb and end up getting an error that “Remote Desktop can’t find the computer” ?

Chances are you are able to use the RemoteApp and Desktops tab just fine, but for some reason you cannot connect to any computer you type into that blasted “Connect to” field!

Just a guess here, but I would assume you have a Remote Desktop Gateway deployed and you are accessing RDWeb from outside the corporate network.  Am I right?  OK, one more guess, if you manually configure the gateway on the Remote Desktop Client (mstsc.exe) you are able to connect just fine…right?

So what’s going on here?  The gateway service is obviously working, which means there is probably something wrong with the RDWeb page.  To fix it, you need to open up the IIS console from your RD Web Access server.

Then navigate your way to Sites Default Web Site RDWeb Pages and double click the Application Settings icon.

Here you will see an empty Value for DefaultTSGateway.  Just double click that and enter in the external DNS name of your RD Gateway address.

Now you need only to refresh the RDWeb page and try connecting again, but this time it should work.’t-find-the-computer-through-rdw

RDS 2012: Redirect RDWEB page from IIS Default (root) site

After you successfully deployed RD Web Access server users have to type or you create a link to reach this page.

To make it easier you may want to redirect to It’s easier than you thought. Follow the steps below.

  • Remote Desktop to RD Web Access Server.
  • Open Server manager and Click on IIS on the left side bar.


  • Right click on RD Web Access server and select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Expand to Default Web Site.


  • Double click on image  (HTTP Redirect) under IIS section.
  • Match the settings as in the picture below.
    • Check the box Redirect requests to this destination
    • Type /RDWeb/Pages as redirect destination
    • Uncheck the box for Redirect all requests to exact destination…
    • Check the box for Only redirect requests to content in this directory..
    • Select Status code as Found (302)


That’s all now, try typing (or whatever your website URL is), it will redirect to the RDWeb page. Enjoy.