How to deploy a Windows Image on UEFI-based Computers

Various errors including:

Unable to find a raw disk that could be partitioned as a system disk
failed to validate for boot image staging
stagebootimagefailed 8007000f

The efi partition on a efi system must be fat32

Failed to prepare the system partition for staging
the request is not supported

Trick is you must disable Secureboot and create UEFI partitions yourself. Just turn Secureboot off in properties and when ConfigMgr boot media is started press F8 and create partitions yourself.
•Select disk 0 (0 being the disk to setup)
•Clean (wipe the disk)
•Convert gpt (convert disk to GPT)
•Create partition efi size=200 (EFI system partition)
•Assign letter=s (Any allowable letter)
•Format quick fs=FAT32 (Format the ESP)
•Create partition msr size=128 (Create the MSR partition)
•Create partition primary (Create Windows partition)
•Assign letter=c
•Format quick fs=NTFS (Format primary partition)


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