How to login to Windows Azure subscription using Office 365 account

It is possible to integrate Windows Azure account with an Office 365 account and here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Logon to the Windows Azure Portal
  2. Click on Application Services | Active Directory | Directory | Custom Create.
  3. Change the Directory dropdown from the default Create new directory to Use existing directory and click the Check box.

Next you are logged out of the Windows Azure administrative account and you are redirected to the Windows Azure Active Directory logon.

  1. Logon with a Global Administrator account from the Office 365 tenant that you would like to integrate.
  2. After sign in you are prompted to add the Windows Azure administrator account as a global administrator for the Office 365 Tenant directory, click on Continue.
  3. Logout of the Office 365 global administrator account and then logon to with your global administrator account.

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